About Us

The Club

The Club is a full service Thoroughbred operation. We not only offer the chance to get involved in the exciting world of racing your own Thoroughbred, we also offer the lucrative world of short-term “pinhooking” or buying to resell at a profit. There is not a thrill in the world like racing your own Thoroughbred, it is truly unmatched. With The Club, we offer you the chance to diversify your Thoroughbred holdings through multiple programs we offer.

What you can expect with your involvement in The Club:

Client Connection

Personal connection to our clients – understanding their goals, educating and informing them with regular communication and providing value through professionally selected and managed racing and pinhooking prospects.

Great Management Team

Achieving our goals requires a top-quality team of bright, knowledgeable, well-connected and energetic people. Our management team shares a passion for Thoroughbred racing and pinhooking and a desire to ignite that passion in our partners. We are committed to excellence and education.


The mission of helping our partners realize their dream of Thoroughbred ownership can only be accomplished through full implementation of the hallmarks of client trust – quality, honesty, integrity and accountability.

The Club Team